Aluminium joinery

Carpentry in aluminum due to its functionality, technological parameters and aesthetics, performance is becoming wider public. New trends in construction triggers the need to meet the expectations of architects . These expectations help us to create modern systems of aluminum profiles.

High quality aluminum systems and technologies combination provides the appropriate parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation, sealing against rain water penetration and air itself.

W naszej ofercie znajdziecie Państwo profile odpowiednie dla każdego rodzaju projektu – od klasycznych i romantycznych po surowe i współczesne.

In our offer you will find profiles suitable for any type of projects - from the classic and romantic to raw and contemporary.

Contemporary architecture strives to create open spaces within the buildings, as well as to blur the boundaries between the interior and the outside world. The use of sliding and folding door allows you to achieve just such effects. These doors made of large sheets of glass enable more sunlight inside and they take only a small space on the floor area.

Winter Garden otherwise known as the conservatory now is becoming more and more popular in Poland. This is not only an attractive way to increase the usable area of the building, but also a way to improve its energy balance. The variety of solutions and constructions allows the design and installation of the conservatory according to individual preferences. Type of arrangements depend on the concept, surface areas and needs.

For the production of aluminum profiles we use reputed companies like sliding doors and Reynaers. Colors are being tailored to the client's expectations , offering a wide range of RAL colors.